Chosen Few

Real Name:Michel François Prijt

DJ Chosen Few is the alias of a Dutch hardcore producer François Prijt. He's also the head of the Chosen Few Recordz together with Shelley Webb aka Lady Chosen Few.

At the end of 1991 DJ Chosen Few began playing hardcore and became a resident DJ in a small club in the Amsterdam red-light district, and got his first international booking (Austria) in 1993. Over time, he played over 1000 events such as Mayday in Berlin, Nightmare in Rotterdam 1993, Mayhem and Enchanted in Australia, Thunderdome 1994 in Utrecht and 15 years of Thunderdome 2008, 20 years of Thunderdome 2012, Hellraiser in Amsterdam, Resurrection in Scotland, the biggest club in Europe: "Number One" in Italy and gigs in Poland, Hungary, Russia, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland etc. His style is a mix of early hardcore, gabber, up-tempo hardcore with a strong twist of drum & bass.

Although Chosen Few has been Francois' solo project most of the time, he was joined by Bastiaan de Waard between 2008 and 2013. , Facebook , , Soundcloud , X , YouTube
Aliases:Angel (2), Audial Arts, Bassground, Da Seduction, DJ Pryde, François Prijt, Kirsty, Strontium 9000, The Drunk Team, The Original Gabber
Members:Bastiaan de Waard
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