Autopsia Svet_9

November 15, 2014
I always found Autopsia more interesting and creative than Laibach, they have never choosen the easy way for their music and they are always in research on their sound. They are unique if you consider the whole of their discography.

Autopsia 80s90s00sBerlin

January 2, 2021
If only he wouldn't endlessly repack the same old songs and turn them into "new" albums. I'd much prefer a solid catalogue of two handful outstanding releases than this massive catalogue of repacks...

Autopsia dalakouras

March 24, 2017
Can't agree more. >30 years in business and Autopsia never disapponted, every new release is so meaningful and powerful, they still have fire inside them burning bright. A true living legend, far more important for their contribution to music than Laibach (or SPK or Tiechens et al). Laibachs may come and Laibachs may go, but Autopsia lives forever.

Autopsia as reviewed by Zach_Palmer

November 21, 2009
edited over 9 years ago
It's very easy to think of Laibach when one thinks of ex-Yugoslavian experimental music, Autopsia however were perhaps the original industrial group in the area, formed in Ruma in 1979 and working on the theme of Death. Since 1980, many cassettes were released and occasional exhibitons and live performances took place, they also created numerous pieces of art, immersed in obscure emblems and symbols from alchemy, the occult and religion (which are not the primary theme of Autopsia however). Their music in the early-to-mid 1980's period could range from ritual ambient, to looped martial pieces to disorientating industrial (Oscularum Infame, In Vivo etc.).
In 1991, Autopsia relocated to Prague, where the sound became more ambient/neoclassical based (The Silence of the lamb, Humanity is the Devil etc.) and featuring the work of the Dammerung Orchestra for musical performance. Later in the 2000's, their sound became an interesting hybrid of neoclassical and breakcore/dubstep (Silently the Wolves are Watching, Radical Machines and Night Landscapes etc.). With a sound that is always evolving and their mysterious reputation still holding strong for 30 years, Autopsia is one of the most interesting groups to come from the original European industrial scene.

Autopsia 80s90s00sBerlin

January 2, 2021
Where can I find more info on those cassettes released between 1980 and 1984?

Autopsia as reviewed by Blank

September 26, 2007
Autopsia can rightfully be called a pioneer of Dark Industrial. BUT: I would only back that for the releases that came out until 1992, which were mostly dark, eerie, ritual and positively lo-fi. These releases helped shape my understanding of music and made for contemplative listening. Everything from then on has much more of a compository, ersatz-neoclassical structure and fails to attract me in any way. I hope he still finds an audience, but Autopsia has always been shrouded in obscurity, so who can tell?