His Name Is Alive


American experimental rock band from Livonia, Michigan.

The group's early albums, starting with 1990's Livonia, saw them working more or less in an ethereal dream-rock vein. Later efforts found the group playing with everything from dub to '60s pop to garage rock to psychedelic classic rock. Circa 2000, ringleader Warn Defever's fixation with gospel and R&B took His Name Is Alive in an utterly unprecedented direction: towards making experimentally minded smooth urban balladry. That wasn't the last left turn the band would make; as of the late teens the band has pursued a still different psychedelic rock sound. , Facebook , YouTube , Bandcamp , Wikipedia
Members:Andrea Francesca Morici, Elliot Bergman, Fred Thomas, J Rowe, Karin Oliver, Lovetta Pippen, Scott Goldstein, Trey Many, Warren Defever
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