Progressive rock trio, formed in 1968 (Toronto, Canada).
Rush retired from touring after the R40 tour when Neil Peart announced he would retire due to health reasons.
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Rush Rush (Album) Moon Records (18) Netherlands 1974 Sell This Version
Rush Caress Of Steel (Album) Mercury Japan 1975 Sell This Version
Rush Fly By Night (Album) Mercury UK 1975 Sell This Version
Rush All The World's A Stage (Album) Mercury US 1976 Sell This Version
Rush 2112 (Album, Comp) Mercury US 1976 Sell This Version
Rush A Farewell To Kings (Album) Anthem Records (2) New Zealand 1977 Sell This Version
Rush Hemispheres (Album) Anthem Records (2) US 1978 Sell This Version
SPE-003 Rush Live In Concert From St. Louis, MOI(2xLP, Promo, Transcription) Anthem Records (2) SPE-003 Canada 1980 Sell This Version
Rush Permanent Waves (Album) Anthem Records (2) UK 1980 Sell This Version
Rush Moving Pictures (Album) Anthem Records (2) Netherlands 1981 Sell This Version
Rush Exit...Stage Left (Album) Anthem Records (2) Canada 1981 Sell This Version
KB 389 Rush, Ian Hunter Rush, Ian Hunter - In Concert With Rush & Ian Hunter(LP, Transcription + LP, S/Sided, Transcription) King Biscuit Flower Hour KB 389 US 1981 Sell This Version
MK 185 Rush Rush 'N' Roulette(LP, Ltd, Promo, Smplr) Mercury MK 185 US 1981 Sell This Version
Rush Signals (Album) Anthem Records (2) Germany 1982 Sell This Version
SPE-2-009 Rush The Rush Special(2xLP, Promo, Transcription) Anthem Records (2) SPE-2-009 Canada 1982 Sell This Version
none Rush / Squeeze (2) Rush / Squeeze (2) - The Best Of The Biscuit, King Biscuit Flower Hour(LP, Transcription + LP, S/Sided, Transcription) DIR Broadcasting none US 1983 Sell This Version
TBS-CRR VOL II NO.68, TBS-CRR VOL II NO.69 The Drummers (3) / Rush The Drummers (3) / Rush - Rolling Stone's Continuous History Of Rock & Roll(3xLP, Transcription) TBS Syndications, TBS Syndications TBS-CRR VOL II NO.68, TBS-CRR VOL II NO.69 Canada 1983 Sell This Version
Rush Grace Under Pressure (Album) Anthem Records (2) France 1984 Sell This Version
Series #30 Show #14 Rush, Jim Ladd Rush, Jim Ladd - Jim Ladd Hosts Rush(LP) Innerview Series #30 Show #14 US 1984 Sell This Version
Rush Power Windows (Album) Anthem Records (2) Chile 1985 Sell This Version
none Rush The King Biscuit Flower Hour(LP, Transcription + LP, S/Sided, Transcription) D.I.R. Broadcasting Corp. none US 1986 Sell This Version
Rush Hold Your Fire (Album) Anthem Records (2) US 1987 Sell This Version
Rush A Show Of Hands (Album) Anthem Records (2) Japan 1988 Sell This Version
Rush Presto (Album) Anthem Records (2) Indonesia 1989 Sell This Version
Rush Roll The Bones (Album) Anthem Records (2) US 1991 Sell This Version

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April 24, 2017
Anyone have any idea why all those LP promo compliations/interviews are included in the albums section? Or any idea how to move them over to the compilation or miscellaneous section? They don't belong in the album section whatsoever in my opinion.


November 10, 2016
This guy is probably thinks Kanye lays down some sick beats too. Lmao.


October 6, 2016
The first was the best....all a little downhill from there, but some tracks here and there OK over the years, n ot so much the live stuff.... "Good enough" is a good description they should have worked with a little heavier sound and tracks. That would have given them some more fans think.. But I wish the boys in the band good luck in the future and hopefully they will make another good album like the first one again !


February 12, 2016


January 12, 2016
Hands down one of the best rock bands of all time. Absolutely incredible, their musicianship and lyrics.


October 29, 2015
T h e b e s t R o c k B a n d I n T h e P l a n a t !!!!


October 11, 2013
Absolutely my favorite band of all time. No other band has successfully encompassed so many different styles of music without alienating their distinctiveness. For most bands, I only bother buying one album (normally a cd) because I only have so much money and space. But I have already purchased 2112, Signals, Roll the Bones, and Clockwork Angels on CD and traded for Moving Pictures on vinyl. I intend to collect every album of theirs on vinyl (up through Hold Your Fire or whenever it they start to get expensive, as vinyl went production downhill around then) and maybe CD copies of everything else when I find the deal.

But of course, the best way to experience Rush is live, which I was lucky enough to do on their Clockwork Angel's Tour; their live albums are all very good as well, if a bit spotty in terms of necessity, as I only find Rush in Rio and Different Stages as must-haves.

Of my hundreds of artists in my collection, of my thousands of songs, Rush is king.


March 15, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
Rush is a perfect illustration of a band who stuck to THEIR vision instead of folding in to the Record Company's demands, retaining their self-respect and gaining the respect of what became one of the more loyal fanbases in the world, as evidenced by the previous reviewer's words:

"despite their later albums becoming somewhat predictable, a new Rush album is always an event."

I have found myself over the years just 'automatically' picking up the new Rush album, even if I hadn't cared for the previous one. What if I had never bought "Grace Under Pressure" because someone told me it had more synthesizers in it than 'Signals' had? WHOA! 'GuP' is a classic! Rush has earned my 'automatic' album purchase after a gazillion studio album releases. Of course, experiencing them in the live setting usually turned fans into SUPER fans. Now, even my teenagers are SUPER fans. Rush fans also find it extremely refreshing to see Rock Band Egos who aren't afraid to poke fun at themselves and not take themselves so damn seriously.May they keep on rockin' for another 40 years! And to again quote one of the other Rush reviewers:

"Rush might be the greatest rock band of all time."


September 28, 2007
edited over 4 years ago
Evolving their dynamic in leaps and bounds, the Rush discography is something that for best effect should be enjoyed in chronological order. The sudden progression from Led Zeppelin sound-alikes on Rush to Yes wannabes on Caress Of Steel occurred within a single year; the subsequent fan-favourites 2112, A Farewell To Kings and Hemispheres saw the band at the peak of its development into a premier Progressive Rock band. By the 1980s the band were like a sponge, absorbing new (and popular) sounds - the five albums that span 1980's Permanent Waves through to 1985's Power Windows showcase a band not afraid to experiment and do the unexpected; moving from a stripped-down Progressive Rock template and incorporating influences such as Reggae, New Wave, Synth-Pop and Electronic music - interviews from the period show that the band were keen on Talking Heads, The Police and Tears For Fears. The results were sometimes surprising, but always eye-opening and brave. I often found the band expanded my musical palette along with their own, despite their later albums becoming somewhat predictable, a new Rush album was always an event and during my formative years, provided a musical journey without peer.


January 13, 2007
edited over 10 years ago
I was introduced to this band by a friend that had all Rush's records and can be called a real fanatic.
I first got acquainted to it during 1993 after the release of Counterparts which is the first Rush record I bought.
After listening to it I had mixed feelings and was not very sure I made a good deal buying the CD.
Sure, at first I loved Neal's drumming technic and Alex's heavy guitar however I thought some of the tunes were too bureaucratic and excessively elaborated to the point of being pedantic. This was my first impression...
After some time, for no apparent reason, I found myself listening to Rush more and more in an addictive behaviour I never had with any other band. I started digesting all newer and older albums: Moving Pictures, Hold Your Fire, 2112, Test for Echo etc.
To this date Rush is for sure my number 1 band. My theory is that when I listened to it for the first time I was not mature enough to enjoy their complex compositions hence my first impression being so negative. To enjoy Rush you'll need to listen to it repeatedly until you reach the right level of maturity and after that there is no turning back: you'll keep listening it indefinitely.
This is Rush. Some people have to do prior preparation

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