DJ Tiësto Simply_Craig

February 27, 2021
So I will say this. I saw Tiesto play his first live set in North America in Toronto, CA at a venue known as "The Docks". It was April 2000 and the crowd had little idea what was in store for them. All I can say is to find it on YouTube and look at the track list. Sure, the mixing isn't the best you'll ever hear, but the track list is why it was an instant classic. I'll never forget hearing those 3 and a half hours of classics. Man we had it so good back then! 😍😎

DJ Tiësto Midnight-City

September 10, 2020
I first heard of Tiësto back in 1999 when I was in Virgin Megastore shop and saw his first In Search of Sunrise sitting in the rack. I recognised a lot of the tracks so decided to buy it, and immediately loved it. I was a big fan for the next couple of years, and probably the best memory was travelling from London to Bournemouth to see him DJ in early 2000.

We arrived at 22.00 expecting him to be the main DJ (playing at around midnight or something), instead he started at 22.00 and so we missed the beginning, but enjoyed the rest of his set. Once he'd finished, I noticed him standing at the back of the venue, sipping a drink and watching the next DJ. No one really knew who he was and so he was able to enjoy the music on his own for a while, before eventually leaving.

I loved Magik 6 Live In Amsterdam, but that mix album was probably the beginning of the end, in terms of me listening to his music. I can't really comment too much on his music since about 2003, as I haven't listened to much of it, but those early memories were great, and were part of the reason I starting buying records and learning how to mix.

DJ Tiësto _skyline_

August 17, 2020
One of my favourite DJ's / producers of all time... That is what i thought it was. I know since a few years that none of alle the productions or remixes that are 'made' under the name "Tiësto" were made by him.
The ghost producers that like Ronald Van Gelderen, Dennis Waakop Reijers, ... are the real ones behind the scenes. He has chosen for the money and popularity. Some underrated guys like M.I.K.E. Push, Ferry Corsten, Daniel Kandi, Fred Baker, ... should get more respect than this guy...

DJ Tiësto Yuukaa_Sa

August 20, 2020
Yeah true, but at the same time if you dig deep into the scene....a lot of producers are Ghost Produced today and from the past! I honestly don't really care. As long as the song is good, I think that is what matters most. Like the producers behind Tiesto tracks made money from them also since Tiesto paid them to make the music. Also I think some producers enjoy making music and don't want to be SUPER famous....hence they enjoy ghost producing and co-producing. Anyways just my opinion on this matter =)

DJ Tiësto as reviewed by DaveTheGreat

August 15, 2020
Probably one of the most overrated Trance DJ's of all time.

DJ Tiësto Yuukaa_Sa

July 4, 2020
edited 10 months ago
The new Insomania track is the first track in so many years that actually sounds superb from Tiesto! Great vocal progressive house!

DJ Tiësto Yuukaa_Sa

August 20, 2020
Oh yeah, that is also a superb release from him! This is a nice path his taking! =)

DJ Tiësto aliu12021

July 17, 2020
I also submitted his newest track under his brand new alias VER:WEST called "5 Seconds Before Sunrise". While it's not necessarily "old Tiesto", it's an absolutely fantastic melodic house track reminiscent of names like Camelphat (who actually co-produced it lmao), Lane 8, Adriatique, Yotto, etc. Highly recommend.

DJ Tiësto ijustspeak

January 14, 2020
Shocked to come in here after a few years to see how commercial this guy has become. Just a bunch of complete wank of electro big room house and dance pop. He has become washed up and flushed out so it is sad to see an artist like Tiesto do whatever he can to maintain in the game by leaving his old fan base and produce commercial dance-pop hits for 12 year olds.
sad sad sad.. But that is the price of going to the top. You have to come down at one point.

DJ Tiësto JFC92PX

September 1, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
best tunes he has ever made "Just Be/Love Comes Again/Break My Fall/Silence" anything other past last decade sucks. the last tune last heard from tiesto was iTrance. and it sucked Dog Turd. since he hasn't made anything trance. my ears don't wanna care to know him much today. i tried to listen somethin trashy he created a few years back. was like WTF is this Horse S***...

DJ Tiësto DJHere2makeumove

August 26, 2020
Yeah exactly! When the money comes rolling in and you get comfortable you get lazy and effort and creativity go out the window, unfortunately. This happens with so many walks of life.We will never see the old Tiesto as he has made millions and doesn't really even need to try that hard now.If he were an average income earner he'd be still trying so damm hard.

DJ Tiësto jpjm

February 13, 2020
1a. Exceptionally Beautiful by Loop Control
1b. Reflections by Loop Control
the rest

DJ Tiësto Iow3freq

August 22, 2019
My list is quite different to yours which I think is a good sign of how good and varied they all were:

10. Tarantula
9. Tears From The Moon
8. Destination Sunshine (Power Mix)
7. Hungry
6. Sunrise
5. Southern Sun
4. Das Glockenspiel
3. Silence
2. Flesh
1. Suburban Train (10:30 instrumental version)

You could include some Gouryella tracks obviously but I think Ferry did at least 95% of the productions (and that's being nice) so you couldn't really call it Tiesto made, then again Dennis W.R. created the majority of DJ Tiesto's tracks and remixes back in the day anyway!

DJ Tiësto Jarren

July 2, 2019
Oh yeah, I know.

I was just including remixes as well as his "own" productions.

DJ Tiësto Chabnormal

July 2, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
Good taste in music but not all of these tracks are Tiesto productions. He just did remixes for a couple of these tracks.
#10 is a Lange co-production under the moniker SuReal. #5 is a Paul Oakenfold song. #4 is an Johan Gielen/ Airscape song. #2 is a Delerium song with vocals by Sarah McLachlan
I love the Tiesto and Ferry Corsten song: Vimana - We Came

DJ Tiësto aliu12021

January 4, 2019
SO much salt in this comments section. Yeah I get it, the main consensus is that Tiesto's music has been declining since the turn of the decade, and I generally agree with that. Everyone thinks that pestering him over and over about making trance again will actually get him to make trance again. But no, that will never work. So get over it; stop wishing for nostalgia that will never come. Choosing to follow the trends isn't a bad thing at all. If you hate his new stuff just listen to his old stuff.

*gets completely pestered for having a differing opinion*

DJ Tiësto l555l

October 20, 2019
aliu12021 "Choosing to follow the trends isn't a bad thing at all"... Actually, nope. Choosing to follow the trends is a 100% bad thing. Otherwise, Trance is still very "trendy" nowdays too, so it can't be the reason for the style change. Only one reason exists: MONEY, because the less intelligent, less unique, less emotional, so easier-to-eat music can bring more money to Tiesto. A GOOD ARTIST's main preference is NOT to FOLLOW the trends, but to CREATE them. That's what Tiesto can't do anymore whitout Waakop Reijers, his all-time ghost producer in the past, and that's why he collaborate with new genereation artists nowdays. To be more proper, he just adds his name to the productions, and the younger one takes the producing works on their shoulders. He is just a buffoon of the stage, created by his marketing-machine behind his back, and his name is just a trademark of a prepared production to him. That's all.

DJ Tiësto aliu12021

August 6, 2019
your tears are delicious. keep whining and complaining about mainstream artists! your crying and narrow-headed thinking puts a smile on my face.

DJ Tiësto UrBoyBangs

March 28, 2019
lol, not if they like Martin Garrix. Opinion instantly revoked.

DJ Tiësto quentinmark

March 28, 2019

Are people just not allowed to have a different opinion anymore?

DJ Tiësto UrBoyBangs

January 6, 2019
You like Martin Garrix and Afrojack. Get out of here.

DJ Tiësto as reviewed by SpaceFenix

December 6, 2018
Used to make some incredible House and Trance music. Contemporarily, not terrible. It's no secret that his shift from Trance to Big Room House caused a noticeable drop in quality. However, while I'm not a large fan of big room house, his most recent works aren't terrible, just don't expect something far from the easily monetized generic music you'd find on Spinnin Records.

Definitely give some of his older works a listen. If you're a fan of big room house, his newer stuff may interest you.