DJ Tiësto

Real Name:
Tijs Michiel Verwest
DJ Tiësto (born 17 January, 1969, Breda, Netherlands) is a Dutch electronic dance music producer and DJ. In 1997, he founded the label Black Hole Recordings with Arny Bink. In 1998, Tiësto met producer Dennis Waakop Reijers and this led to a long and successful collaboration. DJ Tiësto's fame rose in the 2000's as his music was exposed to mainstream audiences. He was named "the Greatest DJ of All Time" by Mixmag magazine in a poll voted by the fans.

DJ Tiësto Discography Tracks


DJ Tiësto - In My Memory album art DJ Tiësto In My Memory (Album) Magik Muzik US 2001 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Just Be album art Tiësto* Just Be (Album) Magik Muzik Taiwan 2004 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Just Be (Remixed) album art Tiësto* Just Be (Remixed) (Album) Magik Muzik Netherlands 2005
DJ Tiësto - Elements Of Life album art DJ Tiësto Elements Of Life (Album) Magik Muzik Poland 2007 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Elements Of Life Remixed album art Tiësto* Elements Of Life Remixed (Album, Comp) Magik Muzik Scandinavia 2008 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Kaleidoscope album art Tiësto* Kaleidoscope (Album, Comp) Musical Freedom (2), [PIAS] Entertainment Group US 2009 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Kaleidoscope Remixed album art Tiësto* Kaleidoscope Remixed (Album, Comp) Musical Freedom (2) US 2010 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - A Town Called Paradise album art Tiësto* A Town Called Paradise (Album) PM:AM Recordings, Musical Freedom (2), Universal Music Australia 2014 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

DJ Tiësto - The Tube album art DJ Tiësto The Tube XTC Belgium 1996 Sell This Version
RFT 003 DJ Tiësto - Gimme Some Sugar / Bleckentrommel album art Tiësto*, Montana* & Storm* Tiësto*, Montana* & Storm* - Gimme Some Sugar / Bleckentrommel(12") ReflecT Records RFT 003 Netherlands 1997 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Control Freaks album art DJ Tiësto Control Freaks XSF Recordings UK 1998 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Sparkles album art DJ Tiësto Sparkles (Single, Maxi) Black Hole Recordings Spain 1999 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Theme From Norefjell album art DJ Tiesto* Theme From Norefjell (Single) Black Hole Recordings US 1999 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Endless Wave / Theme From Norefjell (Remixes) album art Kamaya Painters / DJ Tiësto Kamaya Painters / DJ Tiësto - Endless Wave / Theme From Norefjell (Remixes) Black Hole Recordings Netherlands 1999 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Eternity album art Armin van Buuren And DJ Tiësto Present Alibi Armin van Buuren And DJ Tiësto Present Alibi - Eternity (Maxi, Single) Armind Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Wonder Where You Are? / Wonder? album art DJ Tiësto & Armin Van Buuren Present Major League DJ Tiësto & Armin Van Buuren Present Major League - Wonder Where You Are? / Wonder? (Maxi) Black Hole Recordings Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Flight 643 album art DJ Tiësto Flight 643 (Maxi, Single) Magik Muzik Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Suburban / Urban Train album art DJ Tiësto Suburban / Urban Train (Single, Maxi) Magik Muzik UK 2001 Sell This Version
Magik Muzik 800-5 DJ Tiësto - Magik Journey album art DJ Tiësto Magik Journey(12", W/Lbl) Magik Muzik Magik Muzik 800-5 Netherlands 2001 Sell This Version
BATTLE 1 DJ Tiësto - Battleship Grey album art DJ Tiësto Battleship Grey(12", Promo) Nebula BATTLE 1 UK 2001 Sell This Version
BHMM 804-4 DJ Tiësto Lethal Industry / Suburban Train(12") Magik Muzik BHMM 804-4 Netherlands 2001 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - In My Memory album art DJ Tiësto Featuring Nicola Hitchcock From Mandalay* DJ Tiësto Featuring Nicola Hitchcock From Mandalay* - In My Memory (Maxi) Magik Muzik Canada 2002 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry album art DJ Tiësto Lethal Industry (Maxi, Single) Magik Muzik UK 2001 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - In My Memory (Album Sampler) album art DJ Tiësto In My Memory (Album Sampler) Virgin, Nebula UK 2002 Sell This Version
DJ Tiësto - Obsession album art Tiësto* & Junkie XL Tiësto* & Junkie XL - Obsession (Single) Magik Muzik UK 2002 Sell This Version

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May 8, 2018
It's no secret that this guy's output has gone to utter and complete shite in the last ten or so years, as he produces one by-numbers bag of wank remix after the next.

In my view, he started to lose it during/after 'Elements of Life', which featured a sprinkling of vocal belters from usual suspects Jes and Christian Burns, but had little else to offer.

His latest opus was a festering turd of an offering that has no business being played in your crib or in your car.

I remember hearing 'Suburban Train' for the first time, on a dancefloor chocker with Ellesmere Port pill 'eds. Shirtless, off their tits, hugging one another. Ciggies and glosticks on the go. 'We're breaking through the clouds again', they roared, in a Scouse lilt. It was a magical, mind-bending experience.

The album from which that track was called, 'Close to You' is one of my faves of the trance genre, contrasting moody atmospheric numbers with roof-raisers such as '643 (Love's On Fire)', (as featured some serious diva vox from Club 69 alumna Suzanne Palmer).

I don't get why 'Adagio for Strings' is so lauded. As someone else rightly pointed out, this variety of of teeny-bopper, underage-disco cheddar had started to lose its cool by the beginning of 2003. Our friend Tiesto was simply piggybacking onto the success of the Orbit/Corsten collaboration, which was vastly superior.

Remix-wise, it's true that he gave us 'Silence' by Delerium. However, don't forget that Fade laid down the blueprint for the Tiesto retake care of their dramatic, proggy epic rendition. And credit where it's due, 'Flesh' by Jan Johnston. But i'm being generous here.

And don't get me started on the tracks with BT. What is it with groundbreaking producers who insist on warbling all over their own tracks? BT does it. Moby does it. At least Tiesto hasn't subjected us to that particular delight, as yet. Though no doubt something highly shitty and self-indulgent is in the pipeline.

I have no words on the subject of his recent ill-advised collab with syrupy crooner John Legend. Check it out for yourself. I would rather listen to someone pushing out a noisome and miasmatic shit the morning after a serious curry, than hear that again. It would be more tuneful. And more creative.

With each album exponentially worse than the last, it's been a serious downward spiral in quality for our Tijs.

The mighty have fallen and been rewarded handsomely for mediocrity. For shame.



April 27, 2018
Tiësto fan since 2000. years 2009 / 2010 the changes were not easy but i accepted it! Tiësto FOREVER!


November 8, 2017
Haha, what is all this whining of his fanboys? And now ranting and cursing around about him because he...."changed".
Yes, I also liked tracks and mix-CDs. But when he changed, I didn't give a f...ish and moved on myself! There are so many good producers and DJs out there, I don't care if he changed or not.
All of you grumbling and accusing his "betrayal", get over the fact that your hero doesn't want to be your hero any more - or the hero for others :-D


April 22, 2017
The biggest twat ever existed in the electronic music scene! Everything he "made" became successful thanks to his all-time producer Waakop Reijers. Tiesto is just an idolistic brand. Waakop produces the "music", and Tijs presents it to the crowd, the money comes, and worth for everyone. THAT'S ALL.
This whole marketing machine became definitely ugly after the Kaleidoscope album in 2009, but even that was better than any rubbish crap they do nowdays. Tracks after tracks are coming in tons like a factory, quantity definitely took the place of quality.
Tiesto have always been just a hand of smelly poop packed in a fancy box, nothing else.


March 30, 2017
edited 12 months ago
First of all I am not a Tiesto Fanboy and never have been but I feel compelled to comment In response to the rather nauseating comment below by "Waywardwaters" quote "blatantly asinine statements like how the music associated was “never good” and how it has always been “repetitive and mediocre.”It makes the sources seem like salty, scorned lovers with anvil sized chips on their shoulders, not to mention bereft of credibility.
Really, so if a DJ Mag reviewer described his latest release as mediocre or repetitive , in your eyes that reviewer would then be deemed to have a chip on his or her shoulder & bereft of credibility.
If someone finds Tiesto's music mediocre & repetitive (most of his releases most certainly are) then words like mediocre & repetitive are apt descriptions,. So what then should someone comment on if not the music itself, if one can't critique a piece of music & describe what they don't like about it then what the fuck is one meant to comment on, his hair style for fuck sakes!!! get over yourself Waywardwaters, your comment reeks of pretentious bullshit!!!
As for the music itself well I guess I better not use words like mediocre in case I am perceived as being bereft of credibility!!
Tiesto's famous "Adagio for strings" that fans laud as a masterpiece is nothing more than a pile of cheesy pseudo trance, the kind of fake trance that did a lot towards trance music losing it's credibility in the early 2000's, to me it is not trance, those cheesy synths he comes in with at the breakdowns are fuckin terrible, after 98 actually was when i first starting hearing this mass produced formulaic trance,exposure to one track like this means exposure to all!!! & then there is the god awful theme music from the movie Platoon, whoever thought that movie theme music like that would sound good in a trance track should be exiled from the music industry, Adagio for strings scores a - 0/5
I do own a tiesto record which i bought for 1 track only, the other 3 off the album were putting it bluntly FUCKED!!! as aforementioned, formula driven pseudo garbage trance that sounds dated upon it's release. I haven't listened to every Tiesto track cause i really can't be arsed, most bore the living shit out of me before i get 1 minutes into it.
On a final note, to describe describe his music as iconic blahhh, iconic maybe to people who never heard any real trance & have based there entire so called trance music experience on a few select very commercial, talentless, mediocre producers.


August 9, 2016


June 4, 2016
Anyone with two brain cells rubbed together can perform a google search / or look at writing credits and see that the name Tiesto is a BRAND while the man himself is the (marketing) FACE. This is public knowledge. Think of it as Team Tiesto or whatever helps you sleep at night but the focus needs to be on the music. Tiesto the man has always been irrelevant and should remain as such. Wasn’t there a certain “universal” message in the west which warned the ills of false idolatry?

Now, it’s completely understandable and justified the amount of feces flung at Tijs, who undoubtedly has douche vibes coming out the wazoo and did sell out the movement due to his position of popularity. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater with blatantly asinine statements like how the music associated was “never good” and how it has always been “repetitive and mediocre.” It makes the sources seem like salty, scorned lovers with anvil sized chips on their shoulders, not to mention bereft of credibility.

Look, vocal trance is an established sect of the genre. Yes, it’s pop but much of it is quality pop so who gives a fuck? (and arguably the only worthy form of pop as it commentates and parodies the modern, technocratic consumerist culture from the vantage of a humanistic soul struggling to find itself). Tiesto has prolifically mastered this into an artform. Get over it, especially since it doesn’t negate the more underground styles with merit. Hating on a genre due to aesthetic is hipsterism 101 (if you’re going to be a bigot, at least do it philosophically). Aesthetists are excused to slap their single bongo drum in mommy’s basement and bask in their own “tr00ness.” You’re a unique snowflake. No one will ever know what it feels like to be you, k?

There is nothing “mediocre” or “formulaic” about the expertly written heart-warming ballad ‘Close to You,’ the suicidal, aquatically submerged ‘Flesh,’ the cosmically sexual ‘Venus,’ or the modernist-rendered daoist ‘Just Be’ just to name a few. Then, there’s eminent melodic gems such as ‘Nyana,’ ‘Sparkles,’ the Handel cover ‘Elements of Life,’ not to mention ‘Adagio for Strings’ (artistically superior than the Barber original despite popularity), the criminally underrated ‘Coming Home’ and of course, ‘Suburban Train’ (want me to go on?). The music is simply iconic of a celebrated epoch in trance history. End of story.


February 29, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
Totaly agree with vibrasphere... Also, we must don´t forget another anomaly on mainstream scene: DJ...Crappy-David Ghetta!!!


February 18, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
People need to understand that Tiesto was never good, he never did anything good nor produced. Name Tiesto is the most successful EDM marketing trick of all to times that has been running since late 90s.

Tiesto you remember from late 90s-2000s was actually multiple works of Dennis Waakop Reijers and Geert Huinink (all the trance anthems and albums you remember were made by these two and some others). Even Tijs himself refered to 'Tiesto' as a band. Just Google if you don't believe it.

And the Tiesto you know today in the Electro-House/Big Room scene didn't change at all, he's the same dude just like from 15 years ago. Except that today he has 10 ghost producers instead, and he switched to Electro House because it's way more marketable than Trance.

All those new singles you see today with collabs and featuring other less-known names or how they just put (Tiesto Edit) at the end of the track from unknown artist - is all marketing, because when you see the big name, you click the bait and that's how $$$ is made. Without realizing that Tijs himself prolly never heard of that new 'Edit' he supposedly made.

Just check the sources, submissions of releases and look under the Credits, there's always someone elses name. Just like Armin van Buuren with his last albums and Gaia alias, pretended it was all him until the internet found out it was all produced by Benno (from Rank 1) then Armin played it off that Gaia now is a 'duo'.

I know that now the ignorant teenager fanboys going to hate me and pretend that this is ALL FILTHY LIES, Tiesto's music is godly and Tiesto himself is best producer of all times and he poop rainbows and when I grow up I want to be just like my god DJ Tiesto.

But facts tell different story.

Source: Me, years of experience in the biz, still own early Magik/ISOS comps and early Tiesto's albums. No, I'm not the real Vibrasphere. I guess I just love trance. At least I used to...


November 14, 2015
everyone whines about how good he used to be and how shit he is now

but go back and listen to his earlier stuff and it's just as repetitive and mediocre as the stuff he makes now. the thing is we're only just now noticing because of how fucking rich he has gotten.

in my opinion? he was always lazy and nothing has changed except now he isn't just djing small well known clubs but is djing huge festivals for thousands of dollars.

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