DJ Dick

Real Name:
Fabian Lenz
DJ since 1984.
Fabian Lenz is the brother of Maximilian Lenz (WestBam). Together with WestBam, Klaus Jankuhn and William Röttger he is the founder of the label Low Spirit Recordings and the Mayday parties in Germany.
In the early 90ies he released some 12"s and CDs on Low Spirit and produced some tracks for the Mayday-compilations - mostly together with Klaus Jankuhn, on some releases his brother WestBam joined them. He also has been a resident DJ on Mayday and Love Parade since the beginning.
In the mid-90ies he stopped deejaying to have more time for the organisation of the yearly Mayday-events. Since then he only released a handful of tracks on Low Spirit under aliases like Dicktator and T.A.F.K.A.D. (together with WestBam) or Worst Case Scenario (together with Hardy Hard).