Astor Piazzolla, Su Bandoneon y Sus Cuerdas

Astor Piazzolla, Su Bandoneon y Sus Cuerdas


Artist name used by Astor Piazzolla for his Tango-oriented string ensemble works. It assembled in two occasions: One in France, 1955 and one in Argentina, from 1957 to 1959.
The first formation was an attempt by Piazzolla to introduce Academy music concepts to Tango standards. The second is regarded to have been more commercial.

French Formation, 1955:
Recorded Sinfonía de Tango, Astor Piazzolla Son Bandonéon Et Ses Cordes, and the live recording Astor Piazzola Et Son Orchestre, 1955; plus a number of 78RPMs and vinyl 7''s,

Strings from the Orchestre National De L'Opéra De Paris (8 violons, 2 violons altos, 2 violoncelles, 1 contrebasse, 1 harpe).
Bandoneon – Marcel Feijoo
Bandoneon – Roberto Caldarella
Piano – Lalo Schifrin, later replaced by Martial Solal

Argentina Formation, 1957-1958:
Recorded Azabache / Negracha, 1956. Tango en Hi-Fi EP and Lo Que Vendra in 1957 and Tango en Hi-Fi in 1959.

Strings from the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Argentina
Bass – Juan José Vasallo
Cello – José Bragato
Piano – Jaime Gosis
Violin – Elvino Vardaro
Violin - José Carli
Vocals – Jorge Sobral

Former Members:

Violin: Hugo Baralis / Fernando Suárez Paz (temporary)

Members:Astor Piazzolla, Elvino Vardaro, Fernando Suárez Paz, Hugo Baralis, Jaime Gosis, Jorge Sobral, José Bragato, José Carli, Juan José Vasallo, Lalo Schifrin, Marcel Feijoo, Martial Solal, Roberto Caldarella




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