Du Mu

Du Mu

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Chinese: 杜牧; pinyin: Dù Mù; Wade-Giles: Tu Mu
Du Mu was a leading Chinese poet of the late Tang dynasty. His courtesy name was Muzhi (牧之), and sobriquet Fanchuan (樊川).[1] He is best known for his lyrical and romantic quatrains.[2]
Regarded as a major poet during a golden age of Chinese poetry, his name is often mentioned together with that of another renowned Late Tang poet, Li Shangyin, as the Little Li-Du (小李杜), in contrast to the Great Li-Du: Li Bai and Du Fu. Among his influences were Du Fu, Li Bai, Han Yu and Liu Zongyuan.
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Seppo Nummi Viinituvan Valkamassa (as Tu Mu) Seppo Nummi - Six Song Cycles (Album) BIS Sweden 1985 Sell This Version