Jaime Read

Real Name:Jaime Read

Jaime Read first started listening to house music when his sister started bringing back tapes of the Shoom and Spectrum in 1988. Before then his influences where mainly electo, taping the shows of Mike Allen on capital radio. In 1991 he was lent an Ensoniq sq1+32, and made a few tunes (one of which Richie Hawtin wanted to release). He next hired some studio time from Justin David and made a few tunes there, some of which would later appear on basement 282 records under Joe Lewis's name. It was around this time that he met up with Insync and Mysteron and started using their studio (the parlour), it was here that he recorded further tracks, some which would ended up on the album 'The End Of The Beginning' and some for an E.P. on Tenth Planet, It was also around this time that he recorded his E.P. for Ugly Music and the tunes that Joe Lewis would later steal and release as his own. During this time he was going out a lot in Brighton where he met Felix Dickinson who turned him on to a hell of a lot of music and they started djing together at The Joint (where they held a residency for 5 years).

When Felix started Ugly Music with Tony Lee they naturally considered Jaime to be one of their main contributors. One night when Chicago 'producer' Joe R Lewis was at Tony's club night in Brighton they played him some of Jaime's forthcoming releases for Ugly. Joe was so impressed that he offered to release some of the tracks on his label Target. Jaime was star struck and Felix and Tony didn't want to stand in the way of what seemed like a great opportunity for Jaime. Joe left with a D.A.T. load of music, which he then sold as his own for the next 10 years to labels such as Relief, Basement 282, and Peace Frog.

Jaime continued producing music for Ugly Music and his own label Push to Shove, and also released a triple album for Fragmented in 1997 (Joe Lewis hasn't released anything other than Jaime's music since that night, which raises questions as to the ownership of the tracks he released prior to then).
In 2000 when Felix moved to London to pursue his own production career, he called on old friend Jaime to start a new collaborative project. One of Jaime's aliases prior to this had been L.H.A.S. (Larry Heard Appreciation Society), and as a fellow admirer of Larry Heard's work Felix suggested the Society expand and they change the name to L.H.A.S. Inc. to give a further nod to the work Larry Heard did as Fingers Inc. (and to differentiate it from the solo work Jaime had done previously).
Their first session together produced the song Reasons (that was recorded in 2 hours) which was sold along with the track Ports to Doc Martin's label Wax. This first release was soon followed by E.P.s for Eskimo and Felix's new label Cynic, as well as a track for the album Cynicism.

Aliases:Centipede (4), Fuzzy Jam, Lhas, Vibe Nations, Watts Ghost Acid, Wookey
In Groups:L.H.A.S. Inc.
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