J. V. Bugj

Real Name:
Evelyne Yvonne Konyn and Liliane Konyn
This pseudonym has been used by two French siblings, who are daughters of Géo Koger

Evelyne was born September 28, 1926 and died April 14, 1962.
Liliane was born May 2, 1929.

French songwriters, producers, siblings. After Evelyne died, Liliane continued to use the pseudonym alone.

Liliane has written 150 songs for Claude François, 90 songs for Hugues Aufray and more for a lot of other artists. One of her songs won the Eurovision song contest in 1973: "Tu te reconnaitras", sung by Anne-Marie David.
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Writing & Arrangement

RFN NP 16416 Vline Buggy - Addio, Signor Maestro / 7 Carrozze 14 Cavalli album art Piccolo Coro Dell'Antoniano Addio Signor Maestro (as J. V. Bugj) Piccolo Coro Dell'Antoniano - Addio, Signor Maestro / 7 Carrozze 14 Cavalli(7") Antoniano, Rifi RFN NP 16416 Italy 1970 Sell This Version