English electronic music duo that released hardcore, gabber and techno.

Technohead were a married couple of Lee Newman and Michael Wells. Also known as Greater than One (GTO), Tricky Disco, John and Julie, Signs of Chaos, TD5, Church of Extacy, etc. Because British drug policy resulted in too many criminals they escaped the English dance scene, which was dominated by fashion and trends, and moved to Amsterdam. They worked for different labels and magazines all over the world.

Lee Newman died on the 4th of August 1995 of a severe form of skin cancer. She never saw the Technohead single "I Wanna Be a Hippy" go to number one in the charts and become an icon of rave culture. Michael Wells studied visual communication and has a doctorate in clean arts (Royal College of Arts). Michael believes techno began in Germany, in experimental music from the 60s and not in Detroit.

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Aliases:1000 Blinky Lights, Alien Radio, Church Of Extacy, Elvis Jackson, Greater Than One, GTO, Jackie Motion Experience, John + Julie, Michael Wells, Radical Rockers, S.O.L.O., Signs Of Chaos, Stoned Heads, TD5 (2), The Invisible People, The Killout Squad, The Man (2), The Salami Brothers, Tommy Yamaha (2), Tricky Disco
Members:Lee Newman, Michael Wells
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