Jet Jaguar

Real Name:Michael Upton

Solo project of New Zealand downbeat electronic producer Michael Upton (2), releasing under this name since 1996.

Taking his name from a Godzilla movie, Jet Jaguar arrives from the sampledelic world of funk, hip-hop and dub. A world that borrows riffs, drum patterns and vocals from the past in order to funk them up, to create, and move forward. Upton is steeped in this reflexive approach, lacing tracks with old school samples, odd radio samples and nano-blips from who knows where. Low-end bass theory informs the sub-structure of the Jet Jaguar sound. Inspired by 70s dub producers and hip-hop, he sees no point in emulating them, instead borrowing aspects of the dubspace programme to pan, echo and stretch space and time. Upton eschews the cliches of genre to create a new and fully integrated electronic reflexive sound. , Bandcamp , , , Soundcloud , Facebook , X , Lastfm
Aliases:Michael Upton (2)


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