Orchestre National De France


French orchestra originally founded January 18 of 1934 and run by French broadcasting service Radio France, operating under this name since 1974.

Associated to the French public broadcasting operator, this orchestra has been known under different names since its creation:
• 1944-1964 - Named Orchestre national de la radiodiffusion-télévision française or Orchestre National De La R.T.F. or Orchestre national de la radiodiffusion française, conducted by Manuel Rosenthal (1944-1947), Roger Desormiere (1947-1951), Maurice Le Roux (1960-1964).

• 1964-1974 - Renamed Orchestre national de l'office de la radiodiffusion-télévision française, Orchestre national de France or Orchestre National De L'ORTF, conducted by Maurice Le Roux 1964-1967), Jean Martinon (1968-1973), Sergiu Celibidache (1973-1974).

• 1974 - Renamed Orchestre national de Radio France or Orchestre national de France, conducted by Lorin Maazel (1987-1991), Charles Dutoit (1991-2001), Kurt Masur (2002-2008), Daniele Gatti (2008-).

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Aliases:Orchestre National De L'ORTF, Orchestre National De La R.T.F.
Members:Adeliya Chamrina, Agnès Quennesson, Allan Swieton, Benjamin Estienne, Bernard Neuranter, Bertrand Cervera, Bertrand Grenat, Bertrand Walter, Brigitte Angelis, Carlos Dourthé, Caroline Ritchot, Catherine Bourgeat, Christine Jaboulay, Claire Morand, Claudine Garçon, Constantin Bobesco, Corentin Bordelot, Cyril Bouffyesse, Daniele Gatti, David Guerrier




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