Dag Kajander is an artist and a writer of books for children. In his songs and his writing he is very concerned about people, the environment, life and work in the north of Norway in the past and present.
In Groups:
SR 82-01 Dag Kajander - Den Underlige Sang album art Dag Kajander Den Underlige Sang(LP) Steinar (2) SR 82-01 Norway 1982 Sell This Version
E - 105 Dag Kajander - Markedet album art Dag Kajander Markedet(CD, Album) Eloise Records E - 105 Norway 1992 Sell This Version
GRCD 3021 Dag Kajander - Eventyrlandet album art Dag Kajander, Lars Andreas Larssen Dag Kajander, Lars Andreas Larssen - Eventyrlandet(CD, Album) Grappa Musikkforlag AS GRCD 3021 Norway 1995 Sell This Version
LS - 106 Dag Kajander - Feskarliv Anno 1900  album art Dag Kajander, Hans Lindh Dag Kajander, Hans Lindh - Feskarliv Anno 1900 (CD, Album) Lofotselskapet LS - 106 Norway 1999 Sell This Version
LS - 108 Dag Kajander Lykkeland(CD, Album) Lofotselskapet LS - 108 Norway 2002 Sell This Version
LS-109 Dag Kajander - Lofotliv Songs From Lofoten album art Dag Kajander, Kai Larsen Dag Kajander, Kai Larsen - Lofotliv Songs From Lofoten(CD, Album) Lofotselskapet LS-109 Norway 2003 Sell This Version
LS - 110 Dag Kajander - Lofotkveld Sanger Fra Lofotkvelden Ved Kabelvåg Ungdomskole album art Dag Kajander Lofotkveld Sanger Fra Lofotkvelden Ved Kabelvåg Ungdomskole(CD, Album) Lofotselskapet LS - 110 Norway 2005 Sell This Version
LS - 111 Dag Kajander - Nordlandssang album art Dag Kajander Nordlandssang(CD, Album) Lofotselskapet LS - 111 Norway 2007 Sell This Version
LS - 112 Dag Kajander - The Glassblower`s Tune album art Dag Kajander The Glassblower`s Tune(CD, Album) Lofotselskapet LS - 112 Norway 2011 Sell This Version