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Based in Berlin, Germany, The Ocean have been making what they refer to as 'Ambient Soundtrack Doomrock' since 2001. Their style combines elements of Hardcore Punk and modern, technical Metal with epic arrangements and classical instrumentation. In the past, they often referred to themselves as The Ocean Collective, but since a stable lineup was established with 2009's "Heliocentric", they now consider themselves a band, rather than a large pool of contributing musicans.

Current band members:
Loïc Rossetti - vocals
Robin Staps - guitars
Damian Murdoch - guitars
Mattias Hägerstrand - bass
Paul Seidel - drums
Peter Voigtmann - synths , Facebook , , Bandcamp , YouTube , Reverb , MySpace
Members:Chris Breuer (2), Damian Murdoch, David Ramis Åhfeldt, Ercüment Kasalar, Estelle Beiner, Gerd Kornmann, Hannes Hüfken, Jonathan Heine, Jonathan Nido, Julien Fehlmann, Loïc Rossetti, Louis Jucker, Luc Hess, Mattias Hägerstrand, Meta (2), Mike Pilat, Nico Webers, Paul Seidel, Peter Voigtmann, Robin Staps
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