A. P. Carter

Real Name:Alvin Pleasant Delaney Carter

US singer, songwriter. Founding member of The Carter Family. Ex-husband of Sara Carter (2). Brother-in-law of Maybelle Carter. Uncle of Helen Carter (2), Anita Carter and June Carter.
December 15, 1891 in Maces Springs, Virginia - November 7, 1960 in Maces Springs.

When writing credits appear as "Carter" only, be aware that some are shared by The Carter Family ("East Virginia Blues", "Lonesome Me", "Wildwoof Flower", "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?", "Glory To The Lamb", etc.) while some are owned by A. P. Carter only ("I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes", "Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy", "Wabash Cannon Ball", etc.). , Wikipedia ,
In Groups:The Carter Family
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