Maciré Sylla

Singer from Conakry, Guinea

Macire Sylla is a female vocalist hailing from Conakry, the capital of Guinea. This country is depositary of the oldest musical heritage post-colonial and has been practicing a considerable influence on many of its neighboring West African countries since its independence in 1958.

Although born in Conakry, Maciré spent all her childhood with her grandparents in a village where her grandmother taught her ancestral songs and melodies.

When she was ten, Maciré entered the Soleil d'Afrique ballet in Conakry. She started receiving training in singing, dancing and interpretation in plays of theatrical music. At this school, she acquired a powerful theatrical expression.
Further to a contest in 1986, she joined the Guinean band Fatala (who recorded for Peter Gabriel’s label Real World). After several tours in Europe and North America, Maciré felt the time had come to realize her own dreams and lead her own career. That's what happened in 1997 when she released her first album “Mariama” (Arcade) which became a hit across the vast West Coast of Africa (over 200,000 copies sold in three months!). And the award of best Guinean singer in 1998. This album will be followed by Maya Irafama (2001), Sarefi (2004), Massa (2005) and the brand new Talitha (2011).

The music of Maciré Sylla comes in the wake of an urban Africa, but still connected to its traditional fundamentals. It is a combination of all her influences into a lively music that bears the mark of all the encounters she has made on African roads and European motorways.


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