Earl Smith Jr.

Earl Smith Jr.

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Earl Smith Jr.
With a career spanning almost 3 decades, Earl Smith AKA DJ Spank Spank is no amateur when it comes to producing music. With releases on labels such as Traxx Records, Strictly Rhythm, Emotive, Dance Mania, Force Inc, Djax Up-Beats and Music Man, it's safe to say he's right at home while in the studio. Not one to shy away from collaborations either. DJ Spank Spank has also worked alongside and remixed for artists such as DJ Pierre, Herb J, Rio "The Musician" Lee, Marshall Jefferson, Mike "Hitman" Wilson, L.A. Williams, Proffessor Traxx, Felix The House Cat, Hardfloor, Lil Louis, J.R. Jordan, Roy Davis Jr., Ron Maney AKA DJ Skull and Victor "Dizz" Blackful just to name a few. He's also been in various innovative groups over the years such as PHUTURE, Phortune, PHuture 303, The Original Creators, 3 Tha Hard Way, Fade 2 Tha Phuture, Group X and III Phase.

His love for House Music started back in the early 80's when he and friends Pierre and Herb J would go hear innovative DJ Ron Hardy play at the infamous music box in Chicago and would get lost for hours on end in his sound. Spank talked to Pierre and Herb about forming their own group, later to be named PHUTURE, so they could produce their own music and give what came about of their sessions to Hardy to play in his sets. In 1985 Spank came across a (at the time) written off Roland TB-303 not knowing that they would go on to make history when they created a new type of sound to come out of it and Chicago. Tweaking the knobs at the same time the patterns were playing they used the 303 for something other than what it was originally made for. It was to be called later on by those who would hear it as "Acid".

As one of the founding members, lead drum programmer and main vocalist in PHUTURE, Spanky's deep voice can be heard on their classic tracks such as "Your Only Friend" (KoKane), "We Are PHUTURE", "Can You Feel The Bass", "Spank Spank", (which at the time got tons of airplay here on the radio), "The Creator" and the timeless and often remixed "Rise From Your Grave". And who could forget his work and haunting laugh on Hardfloor's "Hardfloor Will Survive" and . PHUTURE'S debut track "Acid Tracks" caused havoc on dance floors in Chicago when it was originally released in 1986 and Hardy broke it on cassette tape in his sets. It then went on to ignite a fire in Great Britain when Marshall Jefferson produced it and it was officially released on Traxx Records in 1987. That track went onto spread around the world many times over and spawned immolators and fans to this day still crediting it as the reason for them wanting to produce music or the reason for their emergence into the dance music scene.

With as rich a history as DJ Spank Spank has, one would think that would service. But not being one to sit still, DJ Spank Spank also runs the 24/7 internet radio station "Global Traxx Radio" with fellow Chicagoan Charles "DJ Turk" Tyler where they stream DJ mixes by both artists from around the world and themselves to an ever growing audience. As their mission statement reads, they are "Keeping the history of House Music stirring by creating an unpretentious, diverse and supportive environment for new talent while still embracing the ever changing face of House Music and respecting those who paved the way before them".

He's also been in the studio working on new material and booking dates on a full fledge tour performing together with DJ Pierre and newest member Rio "The Musician" and hot off of their Boiler Room vent this past February as PHUTURE and as DJ Spank Spank. He's just finished laying the vocals for Mumbai Science's "King Of The Top Floor" single coming out this June 2014 on Belgium label Lektro Luv that is going to hit the ground running and your sure to see making the playlists on DJ sets this summer. He's also re-launching his "C.O.D." label that will now be called "C.O.D. Digital" which of course will be on the major download sites and feature productions from him and artists that he feels need to be heard.

With new releases still on the horizon, live shows and DJ gigs filling up his books and other projects still yet to be announced. DJ Spank Spank has said enough to last a lifetime but still has a lot more to say to a world that is still eager to listen.
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