Graham Goble

Real Name:Graeham George Goble (né Graham George Goble)

Graham Goble (born 15 May 1947, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) is an Australian musician, singer/songwriter and record producer, perhaps best known as a founding member of Australian rock group Little River Band (LRB). He made his last appearance with the band on 21 April 1989. He has released several solo albums and also a duo album with Little River Band colleague Beeb Birtles. He changed his first name from Graham to Graeham as a consequence of his interest in numerology and feng shui. , Wikipedia
In Groups:Alison Gros, Birtles & Goble, Birtles Shorrock Goble, Broken Voices, Drummond (2), Little River Band, Mississippi (4), The Graham Goble Encounter
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