In 1978 he began to frequent discos (Baia Degli Angeli in the first place) and met the DJ-gurus of the time: Daniele Baldelli and Mozart. From them he learns the technique by observing the sets and the performances.
Born artistically in 1980 with parties between friends; in 1981 he began collaborating in the Florentine clubs of the time (Valentino's, Divina, Aloa, Charlie), in which he mixed Disco, Elettronica, Soul, Funk & Rock. The fact of "mixing" various styles also leads him to collect many records (currently he has over 35,000, of all kinds). The explosion occurred in 1985 with the advent of House music, with various "parties" in Florentine clubs and outside. In 1994 he became a resident DJ at the Lido, in Florence: eight years of great music and successes that led him to land in other Florentine clubs and not only, such as: Echoe's, Ecu, Peter Pan, Villa Delle Rose, Fluid, Cap Creus, Tabasco , Profiterol, Satanassa, Porto, Tenax, Central Park, Meccanò, Mood ... and in various Italian and European cities (Milan, Terni, Perugia, Turin, Rome, Bologna, Genoa, Parma, Zacinto, Greece, ...), where he did hear his original sound.
Promoter of the Balearic Beat in Florence and elsewhere.



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