Daniele Davoli

Real Name:
Daniele Davoli
Daniele Davoli is an Italian DJ and producer. He is one of the pioneers of the Italian House sound, and had major success with Black Box.
Born in northern Italy in January 1964, Daniele started DJing at the infamous club Starlight in his hometown of Bologna. He first came to the UK on the back of the success of Black Box as resident of the Hacienda. He went on to become one of the biggest and most popular names on the UK club scene playing everywhere from Renaissance, Cream and Hard Times in the North, and then Love Ranch, Club UK and the Honey Club in the South.
In 1997 Daniele took time off from the music scene due to exhaustion. Two years later Daniele returned to the studio and 2001 saw the launch of Daniele’s new imprint, Propane.
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