Dominique Regef

Born in 1947, Dominique Regef started his musician life playing violin and later learned the art of hurdy gurdy.
He is one of the major figures of the French folk scene of the seventies, playing and recording along with Jean-François Dutertre, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Rosina De Peira, to name a few, and integrated two famous French folk-rock groups of the time : Malicorne (Le Bestiaire, 7th LP) and Mélusine (La Treizième heure, 5th album) in 1979.
After a gap during the eighties, he played with Stéphane Eicher, who was in need of exotic instruments at the time (Carcassonne) and he made two albums of improvised music : one is in trio with Michel Doneda (saxophone) and Lê Quan Ninh (percussion), the other is a solo album called Tourneries, both issued in 1993.
The years 2000 found him more involved into medieval music through his collaboration with Gérard Zucheto and his Troubadours art ensemble.
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