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CURLEE WURLEE! has a unique style: "It's easy to recognize their style among tons of other bands" (No Brain Zine, NL). Fronted by their French female song-writer / organist and accompanied by three other well-known musicians, their songs are a schizophrenic mix of intricate compositions influenced by 60s garage punk, French drama, beat, punk and neo-garage, potentially surf/exotica or power pop too, with their very personal talent on top.

CURLEE WURLEE! recorded 4 albums, 10 singles on various European labels and some 20 international compilations.

Their brand new and exciting new album “Birds & Bees” is out NOW on Moody Monkey Records. Featuring brand new sexy songs!

CURLEE WURLEE! played in Germany, France, Italy, Greece, England, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and in the Netherlands.

CURLEE WURLEE! is now spread out over four different cities, which makes their live appearances more seldom and thus, highly demanded.

Although CURLEE WURLEE! belongs to the most original garage bands of the decade, they're quite an absurd bunch of nuts, and their live performances are most of the time turning into a degenerating bash.

NEWS: New album BIRDS & BEES out NOW on Moody Monkey Records, and 7” available on copaseDisques in the run of 2016!!!

Organ: Organella (Cécile Musy)
Drums: Meatbike (Michael Larisch)
Bass: Nelson (Holger Krämer)
Guitar: Ralph on Fyre (Ralph on Fyre)

Members:Armin Schwenke, Axel Oliveres, Cécile Musy, Frauke Zensen, Gereon Helmer, Hedwig (3), Henrik Sprock, Holger Krämer (2), Jens Buchheister, Judy Jetson, Lutz Räuber, Michael Larisch, Michael Stellmach, Ralph On Fyre
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