Alan McGee

Real Name:Alan John McGee

Legendary figure from the UK indie scene. Founder of Creation Records, its short-lived WEA sublabel satellite Elevation (2) and more recently Creation23. After selling Creation wholly to Sony Music in 2000, founded Poptones. Also owns publishing companies Creation Music, Poptones Music and Creation Management (home to the Client, Dirty Pretty Things, Charlatans and more…). As of 2006, is running three clubnights: the international night Death Disco and two other London Club nights: The Queen is Dead and Now We're Off To Rehab.

In the early 80s, Alan also founded Essential Records (5), which released notable punk records by Scotland's Last Rites (3) and Cambridge, England's Subculture (12), among others.

Married to Kate Holmes.

Aliases:Geoffrey Ingram (2), Nathan Detroit (3), The Crapachinno Kid
In Groups:Biff Bang Pow!, Newspeak (6), Revolving Paint Dream, The Chemical Pilot, The Laughing Apple, The Love Children
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