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One of the great tracks to be heard on R&S Records in 1992 was the deeply mysterious "Neuromancer" track. The name "SOURCE" had not yet appeared on any R&S release list, yet the man behind the Source, immensely gifted Swede Robert Leiner, had been studio manager and engineer of the labels’ own recording facility for some time. Robert had been DJ’ing from the age of 15 and had built his own recording studio in his hometown Gothenburg, combining the two great passions in his life; electronics and dance music. His work for Swedish record companies and artists brought him recognition and an underground reputation in Scandinavia, however he relocated to Belgium in the early nineties to broaden his artistic scope.

Robert’s first recording for R&S was released in summer 1992 as an untitled blue label promo and resulted from a live jam. It immediately found it’s way to the worlds influential DJ’s and is now highly sought after, as only a few hundred copies were pressed. But it was the 1993 album "Organized Noise" that really turned Robert’s moniker "Source" into a household name, including a unique blend of thunderous beats, sparkling acid and trance ingredients that was greeted with rave reviews and set alight dance floors all over the global techno village, which launced Robert on the live front across Europe and the States. This was uncompromising, organic and brimming with pure undiluted energy. Nurtured by a wide variety of influences, Robert has never confined himself to a single genre. His interest in electronic music was aroused by artists such as Brian Eno, Can, Jon Hassel, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, George Clinton, YMO and Tangerine Dream, but when acid and house started to happen he was one of the first DJ’s in Scandinavia to spin the latest discs from Detroit, Chicago, New York and London. THE SOURCE EXPERIENCE (the Source banner was dropped when an English pop/dance combo carrying the same name threatened action) comes as the tech/trance emanation of the aspiration, as the eponymously titled double 12-inch which appeared late 1993.

On the other hand, the more subdued side of Robert’s musical personality was first displayed on the 12-inch/CD "Dream Or Reality". The track, taken from his album "Visions of The Past" and coupled with two brilliant alternative mixes, proved an impressive foretaste of this epic masterpiece, which since its release has acquired mythical proportions in the record collections of cognoscenti of electronic listening music all over the world. As Mixmaster Morris described the album in the January issue of i-D: "Lighter than a soufflé, sleeker than a panther, this fine offering from the man behind Source drifts from airy techno to pure ambience with supreme confidence". NME coined the phrase "Fireballs to melt the snow away…" Robert next adopted his Source Experience guise for another devastating work: with an aural arsenal ranging from analogue terror tones to layers of digital refinement, "Different Journeys" and the single "Point Zero" contained the ultimate in sensurround techno. This widely acclaimed album launched Robert on a heavy schedule of live and DJ dates around the globe.

Over the three years since Robert parted company with R&S –due to a lack of artistic freedom – he built a new studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, prepared a new album and kept up with his work-load of remixes and software development. But more especially he has used this period (after 14 years of hectic deejaying and live commitments) to collect new energy. He has also taken care of the pre mastering for Samuel L's recording label SLS. His commitment to exposing us all to stimulating and challenging music marks Robert Leiner as a major figure in modern music. In Robert’s own words:

"It has always been there, you just have to discover it".
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Robert Leiner Visions Of The Past (Album) Apollo Belgium 1994 Sell This Version
Robert Leiner Melomania (Album) Höga Nord Rekords Sweden 2015 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

RS 92011 Robert Leiner & Mindbender (2) Robert Leiner & Mindbender (2) - I Wanna Love You(12", Promo) R & S Records RS 92011 Belgium 1992 Sell This Version
Robert Leiner Dream Or Reality (Maxi) Apollo Belgium 1994 Sell This Version
Robert Leiner / Adam Beyer & Henrik B Robert Leiner / Adam Beyer & Henrik B - Tracker II / Two B 30 H. Productions Sweden 2002 Sell This Version
Robert Leiner Combination Style H. Productions Sweden 2003 Sell This Version
Robert Leiner Grand Boise EP (EP) SLS Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
Robert Leiner Duff 80 / Injected Höga Nord Rekords Sweden 2013 Sell This Version
Robert Leiner De:tuned EP (EP) De:tuned Belgium 2013 Sell This Version
none Robert Leiner Lunar EP(3xFile, FLAC, EP) Not On Label (Robert Leiner Self-released) none Sweden 2013


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June 18, 2014
edited about 1 month ago
Robert Leiner is an artist who's work in the early 90s till now impressed me deeply. His music was and is the soundtrack to very special moments in my life and I hope it will never loose its strength - till now it is a pleasure, doubtless.
Somewhere in the 90s decade I discovered the track 'Point Zero' by The Source Experience. I remember that I had a special moment with this track at home: I woke up abnormal early in the morning and sat down, put this cd in my player and listended to this track and tears have risen into my eyes, more and more, I began heavy breathing, began to feel it deeper and deeper, the pain of the time before searched an open door and found to broke out of my soul into daylight.
The next track was not so strong for me like Point Zero in this moment so I pressed repeat as fast as I could because I won't loose this mood because there is a heatlhy fire in sadness...
After this day I did know that I had discovered an very important music-artist for my life for ever and I started to check his other stuff: Source (Organized Noise-LP, also the R&S and OHM 12"), Robert Leiner (Visions Of The Past, R&S) and I found more and more diamonds, tracks very deep - you can't find much like this outthere - they seem to be made from the very deep out of his heart, his soul:
Its absolute 100% my taste of valuable music, done with the legendary analogue equipment, it brings a shower over my back, the abundance of bass and the clear melodic spaces are unique.
It has a reason that his studiowork was involved in the legendary R&S label - in my opinion his sound is one of the very big gifts for the labels success. Robert Leiner knows to compose harder sounds like 'Vagator' (Source), 'Mental Rider' (The Source Experience)
or '2093' (The Source Experience), ambient-like and emotional deeper tracks like 'Out Of Control' or 'Dream Or Reality' (both Robert Leiner), ambient house like 'To Place You Never Been', (hard)trance-like (not in a bad way!!): Source - 'Its A Kind Of Magic', dub-breaks-ambient:
Robert Leiner - 'Roots FM 1' and more ravetrance sounds like Andromatic - 'Let The Spirit Move You' and and and...
There are much more also very, very powerful good tracks made by him, with very nice improvisations parts in it which make the music organic and full. And while listening to more new stuff from him like the 'De:tuned EP' or the 'Duff 80 / Injected' 7" I am confident that Robert Leiner seems to keep his quality although I know that the De:tuned EP contains tracks from the early 90s. There are a lot of artists outthere, those who loose their freshness, maybe their skills from the early days and I hope that he has the power to be a exeption, maybe he did not loose his passion for those sounds he gave us already decades ago....
There is a video on Youtube showing a liveact from him on 'Meeting Of Minds' (2012/ De:tuned-party), behind his equipment, thundering 303 sounds over the crowd, connected with soundwaves and signals of his music art of the golden years and when looking on him I feel that this all come from his deep innerself, traveling through his visions of the past (...or future?).
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Robert Leiner.

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