Aqua Bassino caminem

January 20, 2016
Does anyone know what happened to this incredible artist? Is he still making music or what?

Aqua Bassino sidneym

February 26, 2019
Hi New EP 4 Titles September 2018 : The sound of the messenger available on : Plastik People Recordings
maybe The LP on 2019 ..... Hope so

Aqua Bassino Juan1t0

April 10, 2017
Jay is the best !!! Big friend :) Last time I saw him was with Funk D' Void at Macarena, Barcelona in june 2016. Amazing music as always. He still have the touch. Huge artist !!

Aqua Bassino Bedouin-Sahrawi

August 17, 2016
I would like to know too. he is an amazing artist.

Aqua Bassino BigDisco70

April 27, 2016
Yeah, Jay's a friend of mine. Still making incredible music and remixes as well as DJing.

Aqua Bassino marccotterell

April 21, 2016
Yeah, he's alive and kicking and he's signed some work to Plastik People Recordings.