Frans de Waard

Real Name:Frans de Waard

Frans de Waard (born 1965) made his first music as Construction (12) (1981-1982), then stopped before 'really' producing music since 1984. First as Kapotte Muziek (a group that fully concentrates on recycling through musique concrete), but throughout the years, he also worked as Beequeen (with Freek Kinkelaar), Goem (with Roel Meelkop & Peter Duimelinks), Zèbra (with Roel Meelkop) and various solo projects. Frans de Waard also founded Korm Plastics, Bake Records, My Own Little Label and co-founded and Plinkity Plonk Records.

He has worked for Staalplaat (1992-2003) and since 1986 as a reviewer for his own publication Vital (now Vital Weekly) – an online music magazine, which covers underground music and is published for free without copyright.

He performed concerts in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia and also played improvised music with artists like Giuseppe Ielasi, Jaap Blonk, Howard Stelzer, Roel Meelkop, Andrew Liles, Radboud Mens and many others. , ,
Aliases:Captain Black, Construction (12), Flow (11), Freiband, Goem|fdw, Modelbau, Post Destruction Music, Quest (2), Ruisch, Shifts, Surge (2)
In Groups:Beequeen, Core (17), Destroyed Music, Doc Wör Mirran, Dynasti, Ezdanitoff, Goem, Hyster (2), Information Aggression, International Musique Concrete Assembly, Kapotte Muziek, Montage Op Lokatie, Pick-up, QST, Ragnarok (8), Tech Riders, The Stone Tapes (2), The Tobacconists, The Whi, THU20
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