Per Frost

Real Name:Per Christian Frost

Danish guitarist, bassist, and long time member of Gnags (October 30, 1954 - March 5, 2023). Joined Gnags in 1974 but left again in autumn 1976 to play with a late incarnation of Blue Sun (2). Helped forming Sofamania in January 1977 and played on their first studio album. Returned to Gnags in February 1977 where he remained a member until 1996. Re-joined Gnags again in 2015 and until his death in 2023, aged 68. Shortly member of Warm Guns during their 1981 tour. Released several solo albums, the first in 1979.
In Groups:Blue Sun (2), Dahlen Baerentzen Project, Gnags, Per Christian Frost Band, Sofamania, Warm Guns
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