Armaguet Nad

Real Name:Nadir Lamalch

Founder and producer of labels S.O.D.O.M (Slaves Of Devil Our Master), H.I.V (Hardcore Intuitive Virus), Komum and Sans Pitié and since October 2000, Go More Core, all gathered under the aegis of SANS KOM DOM RISKY MUSIC Productions.
Credit in the movement techno hardcore since 1994, as an organizer of mythical events, Nadir made still discover with the public beginner, of the artists like Liza N Eliaz, Joker, Manu Le Malin, Radium or Lenny Dee.
Nadir is not only a one organizer, he is also Dj since 1995, he has to take part in the many Parisian events like "Terrifiance"(with Rob Gee and Laurent Hô), Karakoram III (with Manu Le Malin and Omar Santana) and 666 (with Liza N Eliaz, Micropoint, Radium, Speedyq's and Atomic Compressor).
Armaguet Nad is also present in province on the hardcore scene.

Aliases:Nadir Lamalch, San Kom Dom, Son Of Samael
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