Millie Scott

Real Name:Mildred Vaney Scott

Mildred Scott was born on March 4, 1947 in Savannah, Georgia in Savannah on the coast of Georgia. She first sang gospel, before becoming a jazz singer. After moving to New York, she was enticed to move to Detroit by The Temptations, and she remains in Detroit to this day.

In 1971 she formed the group Quiet Elegance along with Lois Reeves and Frankie Gearing. They toured with The Temptations and signed to the Hi Records label in 1972, releasing a number of singles. In 1986, she was signed to D&B Productions in Detroit, helmed by Bruce Nazarian, whose recordings led to Scott being signed as a solo artist to Island Records and releasing her debut single, "Prisoner of Love". It peaked at #52 in the UK Singles Chart in 1986. One of the tracks from her later albums is "Lets Talk It Over" which is a mellow dance track appreciated by those who preferred less of the electronic sound associated with that period.

Her other songs include "Prisoner of Love", "Automatic" and "Ev'ry Little Bit". Scott made numerous appearances on the UK Channel 4 television programme Solid Soul in the mid-1980s, alongside other R&B acts such as Loose Ends and Ruby Turner.

Aliases:Mildred Vaney
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