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Enno Velthuys sunnyb

March 20, 2021
my favourite ambient artist. Anyone know what he gear he used? always assumed it was dx7 but very curious
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Enno Velthuys impulsemanslaughter

April 18, 2021
From the Landscapes credits; Keyboards [Pearl Polyphonic], Synthesizer [Roland June 6, Roland SH-09 Monophonic], Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Drum Programming [Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer], Effects [Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo]

Enno Velthuys trisuli

March 13, 2018
Desperately waiting for some LP release(s) with all these gems...please
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Enno Velthuys DJFlow68

October 18, 2022
Dutch label Dead Mind Records has released at least a couple of Velthuys’ cassettes on vinyl. Check their Bandcamp!

Enno Velthuys Expansive09

April 4, 2021
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Yeah cant wait for the subtle clicks and pops of vinyl makes ambient music a little more cringeworthy! Pardon me but I need to finish my latte and put on my skinny jeans for the BLM protest now.

Enno Velthuys BAWickham65

March 5, 2021
I would prefer a cassette release just like the original

Enno Velthuys staticlightnin

June 6, 2019
Really really hopeful for a vinyl release yes! Please keep us updated!

Enno Velthuys fatD

May 22, 2019
I have just been in contact with yoga records and apparently the final contract was signed yesterday. The message I received was that, something will be released "very soon" !

Enno Velthuys vdq

October 31, 2018
its stuck at yoga records for years now. they are finally showing some signs of life after two years of silence so the hope is still out there.