Danish Indie Band (1994-2001) consisting of:

Georg Rune Andersen (Bass)
Henrik Vibskov (Drums)
Lise Westzynthius (Piano & Vocals)
Mikael Simpson (Guitar & Vocals)

In 2000 the band was recording material to a follow-up to Repertoire together with a new 5th member, Richard Nees (keyboards and electronics). However the band split in Spring 2001 because of musical disputes, and the prepared second full length album, presumably called Elite, was never released. The only known "leak" from the recordings, the released single Put Mig, was later included on Mikael Simpsons solo debut album in 2002, however some tracks on Lise Westzynthius' solo-debut later same year, could easily be from the recordings too.

Both Mikael Simpson and Lise Westzynthius has released several successful and acclaimed solo-albums after the time in Luksus. Henrik Vibskov is today mostly known as an international name in fashion design.

Members:Georg Rune Andersen, Henrik Vibskov, Lise Westzynthius, Mikael Simpson


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