Art Lessing

Art Lessing was started in 2001. The music is the creation of Dan Quillan. There are no rules or boxes to fit in with Art Lessing. From aural wanderings, to pop songs, to noise, to modern-comp, the spectrum is covered in any one of the 12 releases available by direct contact mail-order, or KDVS Recordings. He has drawn influence from Faust, Can, Residents, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Stooges, Martin Denny, Syd Barret, Chet Atkins, and anything else that is similar. The project is the brain child of one person, however during a live performance he is accompanied by long time friends Larry Rodriguez, Mark Griffith, Erin Hamster Domingo. Larry's moniker is "The Flower Vato." The quartet plays live as Art Lessing and The Flower Vato. The live set consists of Art Lessing songs as well as experimental improvisational sound-scapes, and songs written as a collaboration of ideas between the four.

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