Robert Charlebois

Real Name:Robert Charlebois

Canadian author, composer, musician, performer and actor (born June 25, 1944, in Montréal, Québec), also nicknamed 'Garou' (not to be confused with Garou, who came later), important figure in Francophone and French-Canadian music. He grew up with popular comedian Jean-Guy Moreau and has composed and performed with many other prolific Québecois artists, such as Réjean Ducharme, Marcel Sabourin, Yvon Deschamps and Louise Forestier, the latter of whom he performed 'L'Osti D'Show' with in 1968.
Among his best known songs are Lindberg and Je Reviendrai À Montréal. His lyrics, often written in joual (the French patois of working-class Québec), are comedic, often utilizing puns and double entendres. Charlebois won the Sopot International Song Festival in 1970, and in that same year he sang La Solitudine in Italian with singer Patty Pravo.
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Aliases:Dieu Le Père, Garou (3), Torchbearers Boil
In Groups:David Mc Neil Et Les Chanteurs Camouflés, Les 5, Northern Lights (6)
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