Nana Caymmi

Nana Caymmi

Real Name:
Dinair Tostes Caymmi
Brazilian singer.
Born April 29, 1941 in Rio de Janeiro.

Caymmi was born in Rio de Janeiro, the daughter of Dorival Caymmi and Stella Maris. Her first appearance on record was on her father's album Acalanto. She married Venezuelan doctor Gilberto Aponte Paoli and moved there in 1959. She and her husband divorced in 1966, at which time she moved back to Rio. At this time she became involved with the Tropicalia movement; she became romantically involved with Gilberto Gil. She sang "Saveiros" at the IFIC song festival in 1966, and won first place despite boos from the crowd (who preferred Gal Costa's rendition of Gil's "Minha Senhora").

Caymmi became a controversial figure, not at home in the Tropicalia scene nor in the protest song movement. Only marginally successful, she found work singing in Portuguese language nightclubs outside of Brazil in South America. In the 1980s, she recorded several albums for EMI, and appeared in the 1983 documentary Bahia de Todos os Sambas. In the 1990s she became more successful in the mainstream with her album Bolero, which was her first of several gold albums. In 1995 and 1998 she was named Best Female Singer of the Year by the APCA. In 2010 French director Georges Gachot released a documentary film Rio Sonata about Nana Caymmi.

Nana Caymmi Discography


Nana Caymmi NÂNA (Album) Elenco Brazil 1965 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi Nana Caymmi (Album) Trova Argentina 1973 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi Nana Caymmi (Album) CID Brazil 1975 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi Renascer (Album) CID Brazil 1976 Sell This Version
103.0224 Nana Caymmi "Nana"(LP, Album) RCA Victor 103.0224 Brazil 1977 Sell This Version
31C 064 422845D Nana Caymmi Nana Caymmi(LP, Album, Gat) EMI 31C 064 422845D Brazil 1979 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi Mudanca Dos Ventos (Album) EMI, EMI Brazil 1980 Sell This Version
31C 064 422896 Nana Caymmi E A Gente Nem Deu Nome(LP, Album) EMI 31C 064 422896 Brazil 1981 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi, César Camargo Mariano Nana Caymmi, César Camargo Mariano - Voz E Suor (Album) EMI Brazil 1983 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi Nana (Album) EMI Brazil 1985 Sell This Version
31C 036 422597 Nana Caymmi Pérola(LP, Album) EMI 31C 036 422597 Brazil 1985 Sell This Version
Nana*, Dori* E Danilo* Nana*, Dori* E Danilo* - Caymmi's Grandes Amigos (Album) EMI, EMI Israel 1986 Sell This Version
064 748788 1 Dori*, Nana*, Danilo* & Dorival* Dori*, Nana*, Danilo* & Dorival* - Família Caymmi(LP, Album) EMI 064 748788 1 Brazil 1987 Sell This Version
064 791175 1 Nana Caymmi Nana(LP, Album) EMI 064 791175 1 Brazil 1988 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi & Wagner Tiso Nana Caymmi & Wagner Tiso - Só Louco (Album) EMI Brazil 1989 Sell This Version
Nana Caymmi Especial (Album) Fama Brazil 1990 Sell This Version
510 817-1 Dorival Caymmi, Nana Caymmi, Danilo Caymmi Dorival Caymmi, Nana Caymmi, Danilo Caymmi - Caymmi Em Montreux(LP, Album) Philips 510 817-1 Brazil 1991 Sell This Version
830776 1 Nana Caymmi A Noite Do Meu Bem As Canções De Dolores Duran(LP, Album) EMI 830776 1 Brazil 1994 Sell This Version
821999 2 Nana Caymmi No Coração Do Rio(CD, Album) EMI 821999 2 Brazil 1997 Sell This Version
362 496462 2 Nana Caymmi Resposta Ao Tempo(CD, Album) EMI 362 496462 2 Brazil 1998 Sell This Version
8276692 Nana Caymmi Bolero(CD, Album, RE) EMI 8276692 1999 Sell This Version
5253522 Nana Caymmi Sangre de mi alma(CD, Album) EMI 5253522 Brazil 2000 Sell This Version
04400146202 Nana Caymmi Desejo(CD, Album) Universal Music 04400146202 Brazil 2001 Sell This Version
0440018758-2 Nana Caymmi O Mar E O Tempo(CD, Album) Universal Music 0440018758-2 Brazil 2002 Sell This Version
7891430065126 Nana Caymmi Quem Inventou O Amor(CD, Album) Som Livre 7891430065126 Brazil 2007 Sell This Version

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