PlatEAU started as a project between cEvin Key (of Skinny Puppy, Download) and Phil Western (sound engineer, producer and songwriter for Download) for when they got arrested for the possession of marijuana and they decided to make a band that was for the legalisation of said drug. The music is thematically similar to Download’s but leans to a more psychedelic direction, influenced by house and techno music. Their first album Music For Grass Bars really showed this side, but upon their second release Spacecake it was obvious the music was following a closer direction to Download.

A third album Iceolator was released as part of the SUBCONSCIOUS ‘Vault Series’ which is composed of unreleased PlatEAU material throughout the years.

Their fourth is a double LP featuring new material, Kushbush, alongside the combination of Music For Grass Bars with Dutch Flowers. Their fifth album, Gort sPaCebar, was released in 2009 as part of the “Beyond the Vault” series on SUBCONSCIOUS.


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January 12, 2010
edited over 10 years ago
Gort SapceBar is by far one of the best examples of what TECHNO should be up to these days... TECHNO needs to be paying attention to this outfit.. THIS ALBUM KILLS example listen to GORT (track 1) listen to track FOUR cALELD mOLE TWITCH, listen to 3 am then stop and think..

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