Real Name:Alexandru Minculescu

Romanian Hip-Hop artist.

In 1999 founded Codu' Penal with Shobby, releasing three albums in this formula "In Familie (Pentru Bani)" (2003), "Pe Viaţă" (2004), "Apocalipsa" (2006).

In 2003 it included music producer of several tracks on the album Nico (13) - "Gând Pentru Ei".

In 2005 music producer (with Shobby) for "Hip-Hop Greu de Difuzat" compilation compilation dedicated to Sişu (in jail at the time). On this compilation works with Puya (2),Pacha Man, Dizzy (from Morometzii), Honey, Essential, Mark, Jamaika and Sharky.

In 2007 he left the band Codu' Penal pursuing a solo career. In the same year he completed an album called "Through my eyes" that did not want to release but due to many requests we decided to put the Internet to download free.

In 2009 joined to HAHAHA Production team and is currently working on .

Sites:Facebook , Instagram
Aliases:Alexandru Minculescu
In Groups:Codu' Penal




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