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BLITZ is a Brazilian rock band. It was a precursor of the national new wave bands. The group was formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1980. Created by Evandro Mesquita (guitar & main voice), Fernanda Abreu (backing vocals) & Lobão (drums, but left the band before they become successful). Márcia Bulcão (backing vocals), Ricardo Barreto (guitar); Antônio Pedro Fortuna (bass), William "Billy" Forghieri (keyboards) & Juba (replaced by Lobão, on drums) also were part of the band.

In 1982, the first single, "Você Não Soube Me Amar", has achieved a huge success, followed by the album "As Aventuras da Blitz," establishing the band as a mass phenomenon.

With the 1st album ready, two tracks were unjustifiably censored by the brazilian dictatorial military government. The producer Mariozinho Rocha came up with the idea to deliberately place them as the last 2 tracks on the B Side and ​​strongly scratched them in the LP matrix. “It was a response to the absurdities of the Censorship", he said.

In 1984, Globo TV broadcasted the musical "BLITZ Contra o Gênio do Mal", represented by Oswaldo Loureiro (Kid Babalu, the Genius of Evil) and Patricya Travassos (Blue Rhapsody, comparsa Kid Babalu). In this musical are performed some songs from the band's first two albums.

Two years after the release of third LP - "BLITZ 3" of 1984 - BLITZ disbanded, returning to meet occasionally for live concerts or events.

Rock with a light, humorous lyrics and theatrical performance on stage, the BLITZ played at the 1st Rock In Rio (January, 1985)

In 1994 they had their early 80's hit "Mais Uma de Amor (Geme Geme)" as the theme of the novel "A Viagem", the character played by Fernanda Rodrigues.

In 1997, some former members got together and recorded the CD "Línguas" and in 1999 came another, entitled "Últimas Notícias".

Marcia and Ricardo Barreto Bulcão work together in the band DJambotrio which also with Pedro Lima, creator of the block Carnavalesco. Recently the band released the album "Eskute Blitz."

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Members:A. Pedro De Medeiros, Alana Alberg, Andréa Coutinho, Evandro Mesquita, Fernanda Abreu, Lobão, Márcia Bulcão, Nicole Cyrne, Pedro Nogueira, Ricardo Barreto, Roberto Garrido Rangel, Rogério Meanda, William Forghieri
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