Five Star


UK sibling vocal soul - pop group

Comprised of five members of the Pearson family from Romford, Greater London. Known for their flamboyant image, matching costumes and heavily choreographed dance routines.
Masterminded by their father and manager, Buster Pearson in the style of Jackson 5, which set up Tent to release the group's records. Five Star Orchestra is their "orchestra". They have collaborated with a series of top producers like Nick Martinelli, François Kevorkian, Steve Harvey, Billy Livsey, Michael Jay, Pete Wingfield, Richard James Burgess, Aaron Zigman, Jerry Knight, Leon Sylvers, etc.

From 1985 to 1988 they had a string of hits in the UK chart. They kept on releasing albums till 2001.

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Members:Delroy Pearson, Deniece Pearson, Doris Pearson, Lorraine Pearson, Stedman Pearson, Viision
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