Jean Giraudoux

Hippolyte Jean Giraudoux was a french writer and diplomat, born on October 29th, 1882 at Bellac (Haute Vienne) and died on January 31st, 1944 in Paris.

Brilliant student and soldier decorated during the First World War, he occupied diplomatic and administrative functions while writing novels ("Suzanne and the Pacific" in 1921, "Siegfried and the Limousin" in 1922) before focussing on the theatre after his meeting with the actor Louis Jouvet who will direct and play his most important works.

He is especially known today for his plays like "Host 38" (1929), "The Trojan War will not happen" (1935), "Electra "(1937) or "Ondine" (1939) or The Insane one of Chaillot (played in 1945 after his death).

Jean Giraudoux took part in the rewriting of the ancient myths lit by modern mentalities. He melted poetic imagination and taste for the unusual images.