Derrick May spiraltribeliverpool

January 11, 2019
Out in 2019. I'll leave this here. Chez Damier, Blake Baxter, Thomas Barnett all contributing.

Derrick May PHOOEY

September 28, 2018
Pioneer - YES
Right moody git - YES
Progressive rock band - YES

Derrick May as reviewed by alant1000

April 30, 2004
Derrick May. The spokesman of Techno. Juan may be the teacher and the founder, but Derrick May takes the role as the ambassador by pushing the scene forward in the late 80's. I have a mix CD of his recorded live somewhere, and who else but him can mix Frankie goes to Hollywood (welcome to the pleasuredome) with Diana Ross (love hangover) with Green Velvet all in that order. Derrick never forgets the true grove of early Disco and House and all his sets remind us of where the scene started. There are rumours of a Mayday Mix vol 2, and in a recent interview with M8 magazine, he coyly answers that he hopes this is the case. The scene has a lot of heros such as carl craig and stacey pullen, but its true to say Techno would not be the same if Derrick May were to hang up his headphones.

Derrick May as reviewed by baj

August 6, 2003
Does he need an introduction? Only one or two other Dj's can inspire like he can, but even then he's got a special touch, something magical. Funky, melodic and spititual, raw, classic, trance, electro- even if he throws down I feel love every set, you still say to yourself, "If anyone can get away with it, Derrick May can."

If you're unfamiliar with his mixing and you want a good idea of what makes Derrick May special, go to betalounge.com and check his 1996 mix. It might be the best recorded mix I've ever heard- you can see how he takes Djing and techno to another level, and how he inspires people like me who love techno for itself, not the drugs or club/rave culture.

Derrick May stardust4

August 27, 2010
I think all of us have a Derrick May mix that inspired us and took us to another musical level. They are all special and tell a story. Mine are: Roxy 1994 and Lausanne 2004.