Danny Madden

Real Name:
John Danny Madden Jr.
Soul - disco - house - freestyle - singer - producer - songwriter

Has worked extensively since early 80's as a backing vocalist.
Close associate of Arthur Baker.


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June 20, 2006
edited over 14 years ago
Danny Madden's got a fabulous voice (think Will Downing, Freddy Jackson, Craig Derry and so on). He was featured on the soundtrack of one of early 90's culture most definining movies, Mario Van Peebles' "New Jack City". He worked with the Basement Boys, crafting the sound of Ultra Naté's first efforts, and he was the background singer and vocal arranger of many a Def Mix production and remix. And nevertheless, who knows about him (I mean : outside the community of "those who know")? His excellent debut album was also, saddely, his last (up to now, well), and if you're lookin' for great modern, groovy soul music, you MUST listen to it! Unsung hero, you said?

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