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David Storrs was an in-house composer, producer, and musician at Valley of the Sun Publishing in the 1980s. He later went on to produce soundtracks for films.

In the winter of 1982, David Storrs got together with his friend and neighbor, David Naegele, and collaborated on the Upper Astral title 'Crystal Cave(Back To Atlantis)'(AM109) and another title under his name called 'Dreams of Atlantis' (AM110).

In October of 1982, David Naegele and he collaborated on 2 Upper Astral titles: 'Skybirds' (AM111) and 'Entrance to the Secret Lagoon' (AM113); and a title under Naegele's name called 'Temple In The Forest' (AM112).

Around February of 1983, Storrs (musician, composer and producer) went on a tremendous creative binge and produced 6 titles in the span of about a week, including: 'Dawning of the New Age' (AM114), 'Journeys Out of Body' (AM115) and 'Dreamscapes' (AM116) under Naegele's (even though he says Naegele didn't contribute more than equipment, concepts and ad copy); and then 'Celestial Odysseys' (AM117) under the name of Galactic Odyssey; and then 2 more Upper Astral titles called 'Higher-Self Rendezvous' (AM118) and 'Journey to the Edge of the Universe' (AM119).
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November 2, 2018
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