U2 alterbridge

June 18, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
The early vinyls are so terrible sounding that you want to beat two tin cans together to improve the sound. WTF!?

U2 Aneurysm94

February 21, 2021
What about the 180 gram remastered versions of the early LPs, how do they sound?

U2 MyBassistIsAHorse

November 18, 2020
My copy of The Unforgettable Fire (A first pressing) sounds like dogshit. I normally say they’re the best on Vinyl, but this album is better on CD or Tape.

U2 brunorepublic

June 19, 2020
Not a mystery at all; the duration is well beyond ideal length for a single LP. You can't squeeze 27 minutes of music on one side without serious sonic compromises.

U2 phreakbrain

March 14, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
yeah I want to dropkick bono through a glass table every time he talks but they made achtung baby, so I'd say it's even.

U2 MB-Daniel

June 29, 2019
Totally agree with matt03wfu. Proper place for these kind of releases is in Miscellaneous section, or a flac release section, no just here but across the site. its a mess. where bands do special club releases maybe a section for that. it become cumbersome as it tries to grow

U2 Rich.C

December 22, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
Due to their uncanny ability to change with the times, U2 have managed to stay alive as the majority of their '80s counterparts have disappeared. The evolution of their music is ongoing, and each new record seems to bring a never-before encountered style to the band's oeuvre. From the jangly Post-Punk of their earliest records to the genre-exploding extravaganza that marked their hyper-rhythmic re-entry into the post-Nirvana world, the quartet has provided an utterly original sound and a rarely matched depth of feeling every time. Clearly inspired by post punk legends joy division (in fact Bono is has often cited Ian Curtis as his biggest influence) alongside Kurt Cobain. The band continues to produce emotionally stunning music, injecting everything from countrified pedal steel, gurgling Techno sounds and processed hip-hop beats into their particular brand of Euro-rock.In 2000, U2 showed a spectacular return to form with the release of All That You Can't Leave Behind. Singles such as "It's a Beautiful Day," "Stuck In A Moment...," "Walk On" and "Elevation" helped redefine the band's sound once again, with All That You Can't Leave Behind going platinum three times over. Original players in the post-rock sound, U2 came full circle in 2004, when they released How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Ironically, the album was released in the midst of a trendy resurgence of post-punk, cementing U2's place as pioneers of the sound. Fittingly, U2 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005, i just wish now that Bono would stop trying to be like Sting and Bob Geldof!!

U2 ticklishgio

April 23, 2021
What are you talking about. "the album was released in the midst of a trendy resurgence of post-punk" your just throwing in words. You're making it seem like U2 created a whole lot of other genres and inspired other bands. You do know bands like Slint, The hated, Fugazi, etc have done more impact than U2. You do know that right? They went on to influence the post hardcore scene along with the emo scene in the 90s. The only reason why u2 is in some hall of fame is because it's simply corporate music. They never influenced anyone to even play this generic mall rock music. Post punk has been a thing. I don't know what you even mean by post punk being trendy in the mid 2000s. Dude. Youre delusional over this mediocre band

U2 to.cunha

October 8, 2017
To me U2 stoped being original with the release of the highly banal album 'All That You Can't Leave Behind'. The late 90's 'Best of' new tracks such as 'The Hands That Built America', the new version of 'Sweetest Thing' and, specially 'Electrical Storm' are their last greatest songs. Well, 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' could be also saved.
Everything after tastes like reheated food. Full of forgettable songs and la-la-las, u-hu-hu-husss...
Also, their last interesting - though not perfect - album is 'Pop'.

U2 mountainmusik

March 26, 2016
Joshua Tree ...with Brian Eno's wavy strings and Lanois pushing them.. top 3 lp all time for me.

U2 fly39

October 24, 2015
absolutely the best.i grew up with em.since i first saw October live from Under a blood red left me dumb.
then i never left has to be said that through the years they never changed their magic's only rock n roll.but i love it
cheaper concert tickets and it would be better for everyone.

U2 as reviewed by spinmarket

April 30, 2015
edited over 6 years ago
I don't disagree with all the U2 detractors when they complain about the band's persona, their marketing tactics, or their crusading, self aggrandizing theatrics. However, it has become quite popular to bash them and yet they remain incredibly vital and ambitious as artists and songwriters. "Songs of Innocence", for all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the forced download, is actually another great effort. That's nothing to say of the magnificent and relatively ignored "No Line On The Horizon". If you ever enjoyed U2, ignore the naysayers and get back to listening to the music. The last 20 years have been glorious.

U2 MyBassistIsAHorse

December 4, 2020
Yeah, I’m a big fan and would have to disagree on the last 20 years part. Seriously?

U2 to.cunha

October 8, 2017
Tottaly disagree. U2 haved ended when they stop being original, new and unique. 'Pop' was their last opus.
I cannot listen to those lalalalasss songs... so enerving! :|

U2 u2july

January 20, 2015
The best band in the world! All of time!

U2 Spatzo

October 27, 2014
When MTV first came out in the early 80's, Gloria video was played constantly. I bought October and thought it was pretty good. My friend in school was the president of a club at his church in Grand Rapids, MI and said U2 was going to play there. He asked if I wanted tickets. They were $7 each and I thought it would be pretty cool to see another rock band play in a church. I had seen the Romantics there the year before. I took my girlfriend and we were incredibly impressed. There were maybe 4-500 people in all.15 years later, I saw them at Mile High in Denver to a crowd of 20,000. Wow how times had changed a band!

U2 Pistachios

September 30, 2014
Bono is a bell-end.

U2 freestyle12

August 11, 2014
edited over 7 years ago
U2 is one of the best rock bands of all time and one of my favorite bands of all time. Have all their music and have seen them perform many times. A U2 concert is Amazing !!! I can't wait for the upcoming tour in 2015 !!! :)

U2 boneroller

January 28, 2013
Hard to belive that the reviewer's here giving praise to U2's famous producers fail to mention the most important and influential of all of them - Daniel Lanois. This is a guy that is able to bring out the best in the musicians he is working with. Example A = U2

U2 as reviewed by Alastis

March 24, 2006
edited over 16 years ago
While they have nothing to do with ambient/noise/experimental scene, what makes U2 interesting for an average electronic music fan is the digital gloss added by producers like Brian Eno and Flood. Forget the snobbery - few people can deny that "One", "Please" and some of their other songs are really deep and meaningful. But then there's that stupid "holier than thou" approach which is exemplified by flag waving. Sometimes Bono is making a parody at himself and rock in general, but it comes out like a forced joke more than a real attempt to laugh at himself and his own band. Even with all the notorious producers, most of their albums are patchy at best with many songs destroyed by useless pomposity. Its Too bad, since, like it was said before, not all of their output is atrocious, but they somehow manage to butcher many of potentially good tracks.