Piano Magic


Initially, Piano Magic was a loose collective of sorts, with an ever-changing line-up, originally inspired by studio-bound projects like This Mortal Coil. Glen Johnson conceived the project in 1996, with friends, Dick Rance and Dominic Chennell completing the primary core. During its early years, the project's home recordings featured contributions by friends, acquaintances, and moonlighters from other bands but by 1999, Piano Magic had become a fully-fledged international touring group. Over the course of numerous albums and singles, Piano Magic's music evolved from lo-fi electronic experimentation to post-rock, through electropop, and then again into a lush, melancholy chamber pop. Prior to its January 2017 release, Piano Magic announced that 'Closure' would be their final album. They played their last ever UK concert on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at The Lexington, Angel, London. The show commemorated their first ever concert, exactly to the day, 20 years prior. , Bandcamp , Facebook , X
Members:Alasdair Steer, Alexander Perls, Angèle David-Guillou, Caroline Potter, Cedric Pin, Charles Wyatt, David Griffiths (4), Dick Rance, Dominic Chennell, Ezra Feinberg, Franck Alba, Gabe McDonough, Glen Johnson, Hazel Burfitt, James Topham, Jen Adam, Jerome Tcherneyan, John Cheves, Martin Cooper (6), Matt Simpson


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