Red Flag


Brothers Chris Reynolds and Mark Reynolds, originally from Liverpool, founded Red Flag in San Diego in 1984. At that time they were called Shades Of May (until 1985), then Naive Art (until mid 1988). The brothers founded their own independent record label, Plan B Records (2), in 1993.

The future of the group was in doubt when singer Mark died in 2003, but following a four-year absence, Chris Reynolds decided in 2007 to move ahead with Red Flag on his own and announced that he was recording a new album. This album was entitled "Born Again." A few more followed in the next years.

After his digital only album "Endless," in 2019, Chris teamed up with Joseph Watt (of Razormaid!), to release a new 12" around "Blue Monday," and a re-work of their classic album “Naïve Art."

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Aliases:Shades Of May
Members:Chris Reynolds (4), Mark Reynolds




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