Au Bonheur Des Dames


Au Bonheur des Dames was a French rock band from the 1970s led by Ramon Pipin. Its name is likely inspired from the title of the classic novel "Au Bonheur des Dames" of Émile Zola. The band is very notable for their song "Oh les filles" that reached the Top 10 in France,which appears on their debut album, Twist, released in 1974. The band had performed its first concert in January 1972, at the Golf-Drouot. In 1977, they performed at the first edition of the now well known music Festival Le Printemps de Bourges. More or less separated since 1987, the band is making a comeback in 1997 with two concerts at the Olympia, which result in the release of a new album (live). New return in 2006 with a concert at the Grand Rex on October 19.

Members:Bruno Besse, Chick Béru, Dominique Esnault, Eddick Ritchell, Gépetto Ben Glabros, Hubert De La Motte Fifrée, Jimmy Freud, Philippe Leroux (2), Philippe Vauville, Pierre Rigaud, Ramon Pipin, Ricky Brantalou, Rudy Muller, Shitty Télaouine, Vincent Chavagnac




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