Dj Esi

Dj Esi

Real Name:
Danny Wood
DJ Esi (pronounced S – E) meaning England, Scotland and Ireland has created Dance music since 2003.

From an early age, he has been influenced by many classic dance tracks played out on Invicta fm on a Friday night. It was only by chance that he received a free music making program in a Nestlé pack of cereal (Dance Ejay 4) and decided he wanted to become a music producer. He had always wanted to produce music, but had not realised how to go about it. So when he started producing sampled songs, going through Dance 5, 6 and 7 and Techno 4, but still not being able to expand his musical talent, he bought Cubase Vst Version 5.

He devised a template capable of being manipulated to suit any dance style that he required. His tracks contain slow melodic and relaxing break downs with happy piano sounds, followed by a pumping kick and bass, with a strong lead giving his songs a unique and definitive sound.

He is not only influenced by dance music artists, but everyone. There are certain aspects of some songs that captivate him and give him ideas for other styles or other songs. Some of his styles consist of Trance, Hardcore & Gabber. He is influenced to create these songs form dance music to heavy metal. When he listens to songs, he can isolate certain parts of them, so he can only hear one instrument playing, depending on what he is looking for.

His main inspiration for new material is in the shower. It’s the only place he says were he can lose himself and forget everything around him. He usually produces music by humming or singing a song, forgetting the words and then making something up. however if he sits down at a keyboard determined to create a tune, he finds he lacks inspiration.
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Dj Esi Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

ESID #001 Esi* Temal(File, MP3, Single) Esi Digital ESID #001 UK 2009
ESID #003 DJ Esi Twist(File, MP3, Single) Esi Digital ESID #003 UK 2010
ESID #002 DJ Esi Do Not (F^ck With Us)(2xFile, MP3, Single) Esi Digital ESID #002 UK 2010
MM #002 DJ Esi Plonk Plunk / Plunk Plonk(2xFile, MP3, Single) Masked Music MM #002 UK 2011
MM #001 DJ Esi Walk Home (Annihilate)(4xFile, MP3, Maxi) Masked Music MM #001 UK 2011


ESIDFREE #001 DJ Esi Pokemon Theme (Esi's Oldskool D&B Remix)(File, MP3) Esi Digital ESIDFREE #001 UK 2008
ESIDFREE #002 DJ Esi Dr Zoidberg (Esi's Gabber Remix)(File, MP3) Esi Digital ESIDFREE #002 UK 2009
ESIDFREE #003 DJ Esi Super Mario (Esi's Hard Dance Mix)(File, MP3) Esi Digital ESIDFREE #003 UK 2009

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