Skullflower formed in London in 1987 as an improvisational noise rock band. The group debuted in 1988 with a self-titled EP on Broken Flag (aka Birthdeath). Over the following decade the band released a number of noise/psychedelic rock albums (with guitarist Matthew Bower and drummer Stuart Dennison the only members to appear on all releases from that period) before going on hiatus after the 1996 release of This Is.... The band returned in 2003 with the release of Exquisite Fucking Boredom, sometimes as a solo vehicle for Matthew Bower, and sometimes joined by other members such as Samantha Davies and Lee Stokoe (Culver).

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Members:Anthony Di Franco, Gary Mundy, George Proctor, John Godbert, Lee Stokoe, Matthew Bower, Philip Best, Russell Smith (2), Samantha Davies, Stefan Jaworzyn, Stuart Dennison
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